Pick Nimble and Brisk Air Ambulance from Patna at Low Cost

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Comprehensive ICU Setup Available in Air Ambulance in Patna

Someone has well said that good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest gifts. In the fast-paced life of today maintaining proper health is challenging. Due to contamination in food, drinking water, and even polluted air, man and animals are falling prey to critical illness such as Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Critical Renal Failure, Brain Stroke etc.

Lifesaver Air Ambulance is committed to providing nimble Air Ambulance in Patna at low cost. As we know that Patna is a tier -2 cities and does have good medical infrastructure but in rare medical findings people are referred to major hospitals in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Vellore etc. Every day we witness call of request where people need an immediate Air Ambulance from Patna. In order to cater to the growing demand, we have come up with an Air Ambulance Service that is equipped with comprehensive ICU setup on it. We deploy large psi Oxygen cylinder which is very effective for the longer duration of the patient transfer. Similarly, we provide BiPAP enabled ventilator which is effective for critical patients of all types irrespective of their age and gender. You know most of the patients we transfer from Patna require ventilator support and infusion. We have a vast resource of medical equipment and instruments to full fill the requirement of distinguished patients.

Bedside to Bedside patient transfer is provided by us that is a unique method to shift patients by the skilled health care professionals from beginning to the destination city. We understand the concerns of the family and therefore provide round the clock on-call assistance and feedback via our control center. With several hours of experience in rendering critical patient transfer, we have become the choice of preference for the people of Patna during their medical emergency. Competitive Air Ambulance Service in Patna and other places are provided by us to help you in your difficult time. You should always pick the right Air Ambulance Service as the life of the patient is on a stake. Call our dedicated customer support 24/7 to avail an Air Ambulance with the specialist medical team now.

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