Air Ambulance from Amritsar

Lifesaver Air Ambulance from Amritsar meets the Advanced Life Support (ASL)

The Air Ambulance from Amritsar meets the advanced life support amenities with the additional services it has to offer. The Air Ambulance in Amritsar has the specialized life-sustaining equipment and includes, at least, one two-way voice radio or wireless telephone.

The aircraft is aptly equipped and staffed with personnel trained and authorized paramedics who establish and maintain a patient’s airway deliberately, stabilize pneumothorax conditions and perform other advanced life support, procedures or services which counts in cardiac (ECG) monitoring, Intubations, and ventilation. Lifesaver Air Ambulance in Amritsar at ease transport ventilator-supported patients on long distances. The Emergency physician on board is expert working in the city’s ICU and Emergency department and are adequately experienced to handle all kinds of Emergency Situations. The Air Ambulance from Amritsar transports all the necessary amenities that are provided on a bed-to-bed transit basis. For instance, this can be within the city ICU’s or from one city to the other, where superior facilities are available. The service aircraft is almost fitted-out and appointed with state-of-the-art medical equipment almost identical to Hospital ICU’s.

When looking into the quality of the services, Air Ambulance Service in Amritsar provides you with the best amenities and services. Everything is equipped with the modern lifesaving and rescue equipment that is obligatory for the patient. Avail the benefits today to experience the finest air ambulance service in India.

More information about the service has been made available on the service website You may query anytime and fetch the complete details we provide to the patient from one destination to the other. The Air Ambulance Service has been long-drawn-out to every city across the country to attain the utmost benefits and provide assistance over the entire country.





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