Road Ambulance

About Lifesaver Road Ambulance Services

Lifesaver Air Ambulance Services also provide Road Ambulance facility to respond to a medical emergency. Road Ambulance Services by Lifesaver is available for transporting an ICU and another patient within the city from one hospital to another as well hospital to home.  Lifesaver provides an Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Ground Ambulance Services at a reasonable cost.

as we know most of the patients don’t get quick medical attention within the golden hours due to lack of medical transport services, due to such need and demand for medically packed road ambulance services we have decided to launch Hi-tech Road Ambulance Services along with an advanced medical set-up which will be enough to deal with an ICU and other critical patients during the transportation. Lifesaver Road Ambulance Services will be always less expensive and affordable than other ground ambulance services.

on the other hand, Lifesaver Road Ambulance Services are not only available in Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, Ranchi, Guwahati but also you all can avail this service in a single call in all over India. So don’t waste your time and contact today if you are looking for medically packed Road Ambulance Services to shift your loved one from home to hospital or hospital to any other destination. Our each and every single road ambulances are managed by a full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-care hospital, so stop thinking about services and medical facilities as you are going avail world-class medical transport services by the pioneer and well-experienced service providers.





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